“A good coach can better your game, but a life coach can improve your life”.

And who doesn’t wish to improve in this fast paced world where we are surrounded by numerous problems, obstacles and road blocks on the way to success. When we realize that not all situations are under our control, but changing ourselves to adapt to these situations can very well change the game for us, leads us to the next step which is removal of the road blocks on path to success. Life Coaching can be your first immediate intervention to resolve the problems and achieve goals because:

  • Coaching is the process of helping individuals achieve desired outcomes and bring about sustainable positive changes in behaviour for themselves, their team members and loved ones.
  • Simply put, Coaching is all about growing in all the dynamics of life
  • Coaching is all about powerful questioning to enable the client find his/her solutions and raise awareness

Coaching Expectations VS Reality

Coaching is based on the premise that client is competent in finding solutions to his/her problem

Coaching is not telling someone what to do. It is not about giving advice or providing solutions, It is not the same as Mentoring, Training or Consulting. Nor is it the same as Counselling, Therapy or a clinical intervention as it is all about the client and therefore the solutions also are arrived at by the client who knows best.

Who needs Coaching and Types of Coaching:

Every individual would benefit from Coaching at some point in time as it would raises ones awareness and facilitate their progress on various dimensions namely:

  • Stress and Anxiety Coaching
  • Personal or life Coaching
  • Wealth (Financial Coaching)
  • Health (Fitness Coaching)
  • Family (Relationship coaching- relationship with self and others)
  • Career (Executive Coaching / corporate Coaching/ Business coaching)
  • Spirituality (Spiritual Coaching)

Why Coaching?

Coaching works in the following areas and in the below mentioned manner

In Institutions/Corporates

  • Improve Performance and Productivity
  • Development of Talent pool
  • Empowerment of Managers
  • Improved Work Environment
  • Innovation (Creation of new ideas)
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
  • Culture Change and adapting to change in genera

In-case of Individuals

  • Improved relations with self and others
  • Improved Self Confidence
  • Improved Focus
  • Improved performance
  • Improved skills and Talents
  • Improved Life/Work balance
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
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