Types of Areas that can be Coached:

Professional Development (Career or Executive Coaching)- Career, Passion, Hobby defines us and when we get better in managing these our overall happiness quotient increases. Coaching can help you to get to where you want to be professionally by helping you define clear goals and a way to achieve them by harnessing your strengths and turning your weaknesses into an advantage.

Relationship Coaching- Love, Fulfillment, compassion, joy and Satisfaction form the foundation of a happy relationship. Get to know yourself better, to be able to make someone else happy. Life Coaching can greatly improve your relationship with self, which can thereby positively influence other relationships in life and make them more meaningful.

Anxiety- Your Tendency to worry can unleash havoc in life. Anxiety is the underlying problem of all greater issues. It can cause stress, tension, panic attacks and stress disorders which if not checked and managed can become chronic issues. Coaching can greatly transition you and help achieve the calm that can transform your life and help beat Anxiety.

Depression- When Anxiety goes unchecked, it sooner or later turns into long term sadness like Depression which can be crippling and the suffering is intense. Coaching goes beyond therapy and equips you in managing yourself better.

Wellness Coaching – From mental wellbeing we shift towards physical well being which is as important. Physical goals can be many ranging from weight loss, to weight gain, to body images to low self-esteem which in turn leads to low self-confidence. When one goal gets achieved, the rest fall in place. Through coaching we explore that physical dissatisfaction emanates from internal knots of low self-esteem and poor body image. This can very well be reversed through the intelligent and insightful process of Coaching

Change Management- Life can throw challenges at you in the form of changes. These changes can range from professional to personal, emotionalor even Physical. Some changes are in our control but most if you notice, are beyond us. Infact change is the only constant. Therefore learning to adapt to these changes is a better plan than resisting them which in turn causes stress. Through Life Coaching one learn to go with the flow, amend and alter our ways,and gain new insights through the process of self-discovery that can help manage change effectively.

Fears- Phobias, stressful situations or circumstances can break us. But the only way to move ahead is to face your greatest fear. This is the only way to overcome them. Through Coaching, you coach will gently guide you to overcome your fears gradually in small steps. With consistent work, you will soon overcome your greatest adversary- the Fear itself!

Procrastination- A procrastinator has the intent to accomplish a task but lacks the motivation. Finding motivation and making the task meaningful is your coach’s job and that’s how she can help you find the best possible way to overcome procrastination which these days is the greatest enemy of the young and the old.

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