Why do we think of Happiness as a distant dream? Why is it that Happiness is synonymous with an ambition or goal? Why have we forgotten that Happiness is after all a state of mind. Yes, it is a state of mind and is definitely in your control to achieve, keep and cherish. It is neither a distant dream and nor is it an ambition or a goal to accomplish. Happiness is simply your state of being, your present state which you accept completely and are grateful for. Look around you and what do you see- Do you see a beautiful home, a caring companion, sweet little children, beautiful clear sky, lush greenery, a tall mountain. What do these things tell you? They simply tell that they are all there for you. Perhaps pausing and taking a moment to simply embrace what you presently have and feel grateful for it can bring instant happiness. But instead we equate happiness with a new home, a certain job, a big dream or a large bank balance. We keep chasing these goals and when one is achieved the other follows. Not just that we base our happiness on what others think of us and what image we have around people. We practically live for others and not ourselves and that’s the very beginning of happiness becoming a distant concept for us.
I am writing this article not just to remind you about how wrong we are in our various pursuits of ambition which when achieved can bring happiness, instead my aim is to make you look at the little things in your life that can mean so much more than what you usually chase. The point being- I am trying to make you look at what you have in the now, rather than living a fictional life in an unknown future or a historical past. Here are a few ways which if followed can greatly influence your state of mind and bring happiness right at your doorstep. All that you need to do is follow these tiny little steps and surrender to the present moment.
Stop Complaining- This is the most essential element of finding Happiness in each day. When we complain, we only look at the negatives of life. We overlook the small joyful events or elements and only focus all our energy in something which didnt go as planned. The first step Is to stop complaining and start living. Keep a check on how often you crib, cry, whine or complain about your life and gradually focus on reducing it and even before you know it, I am certain you will stop.
Choose Happiness Right now: Don’t listen to people or news or events that lead you to believe that happiness is equivalent to something or anything. Happiness is inside of you, all that you need to do is accept your present life entirely and be grounded in the present moment. Don’t get into a web of time because happiness is always here and Now.
Look at Positives in all Negatives- Easier said than done, but this particular point has shifted my life entirely. I have transformed as an individual only because I started looking for positives in all the negatives that were spilling out in my life. This change in perception helped me look at my Glass as half full and not half empty. This change in outlook can boost your confidence, give you hope and fill your life with positivity.
Self care is Self Love- Do everything in your capacity to express love for yourself. Take good care of your body, mind and spirit. Eat right, sleep well, declutter your mind and feed your soul happy thoughts. You are what you think so think positive and attract good things in your life. Put your needs ahead of other bacause only when you are happy can you make others happy. Starting a short 10 minutes meditation can be a great step in self-love and also learning to say NO to situation, people or things that don’t support you can prove to be very helpful.
Learn from each day- At the end of the day ask yourself “what did life teach me today?” Take the answer for a life lesson and incorporate that learning in your everyday life. This exercise can change your outlook entirely for good and this step can also prove to be a good every day exercise in seeking happiness.
Stop Worrying- Why worry when you have everything inside you to keep you happy. Every other thing is only external, can give some satisfaction but never happiness. Happiness is yours to have and yours to keep, so stop worrying or brooding over life. Take life as it comes and live each day as it is your last.
Appreciate small things – Look around you and appreciate all that you have right now. This could be a child, your companion, home, car, a good job, a comfortable sofa or a cup of tea as you read this article. Learn to appreciate all small things and show gratitude. Life will give you more when you cherish and respect what you already have.
Disengage from Social media- Don’t pollute yourself with what others have, do or don’t. Too much of anything can be poisonous and today the digital platform is giving us too much of everything. Stay away from this pollution, safeguard your innocent mind and don’t get trapped into believing what the social media shows as reasons or causes for happiness. Disengage and take time off from social media and breakfree from the constant need to be there.
Last but not the least, share and be kind- Learn to share whatever little or lot you have. The more you give, the more you will get. It is therefore important to share love, happiness and care. Give what you have and see how the Universe returns what you gave manifold. That is simply the law of nature- Give more, get much more!
All these steps imply that finding happiness in each day is so easy and so within your reach. All that it takes is sometime to pause, stop the mad chase and look at all that you have right now. Focus on the present moment and you will truly feel lucky for having not one but many blessings. This realization will instantly fill you with happiness.

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