Positive thinking is My big Mantra. Its like the chant that I regurgitate or the thoughts that I ruminate. Over the years I have gained clarity on the power of positive thinking and its positive effects on life. One may ask me that positive thinking doesn’t really attract millions of rupees into your account suddenly or doesn’t flush your homes with wealth. Yes, that’s right but positive thinking ensures there is hope for such wishful outcomes or a happy ending and that’s what keeps us going.

There are two kinds of people on earth- positive thinkers and those who don’t know how to do positive thinking. Now lets focus on positive thinkers. These are the people who can turn any situation to their advantage. These guys are full of life, with an upbeat spirit and know that nothing can pull them down.

This species finds good in every bad. This way they overcome problems, difficult circumstances and challenging times. These people look at the glass as half full and not half empty. Not that life is any less challenging for this kind, but they simply look at the challenges differently, infact they look at it as an opportunity to grow or get something great out of it.

Now lets focus on the ones who don’t know how to think positively. These are guys who feel beaten, battered and have a strong conditioning of looking at every situation with a negative approach. This set of people look at challenges as challenges, not as something that can get the best out from. This kind looks at difficulties as impediments and not as something that’s just part of life and a passing phase. These are the people who give up, lose heart and stop following their dream. The ones who don’t think positively are the ones who look at the glass as half empty.

After having read the difference, what do you think is the one thing that clearly sets these two groups apart? It is their mindset. The positive thinkers look at every situation with a hope, with an opportunity to get better or a way to figure some new way out and learn from it. we are not lay to see the advantages a positive thinker has over the non-positive thinkers. Reading about the difference between these two sets of species, you will be able to position yourself in either one of them. If you are a positive thinker, then you are on the right track my friend.

But for any reason you fall under the second set, then you must consider shifting your mindset to positive thinking right away. Learning to do isn’t a rocket science and can be done with immediate effect. I have laid down few ways below which could help you initiate the process of positive thinking and as you continue practicing these steps, you will start conditioning your mind to look at everything positively.

1 Find a positive in every negative.

Find ways to look at the situation or something about any situation positively. When you seek, you shall find and therefore you will come upon a positive element in every negative one if you look keenly. There has to be, I can say that from my experience as a positive thinker and a life coach.

2 Smile at every situation.

This can a wee bit challenging to do, but be positive and get on with it. Smile at every situation, look at it in a funny light. Find something amusing in every difficulty, convert the situation to a lighter one and laugh, smile or think of a happy thought.

3 Consider yourself Lucky in every negative situation.

This one’s my favourite. Whenever I am stuck in a difficulty I imagine the worst and thank my stars that I am not there yet. I tell myself how much worse this situation could have got or how much more troubled, hurt, pained, dejected i would have been if it were the worst envisioned outcome. I remind myself of how lucky I am to have just reached this small problem/situation which may have been lot worse. I often use the phrase ‘I am the luckiest person in the world’ and get done with every perilous negative situation whatsoever to have come my way.

These steps have worked for me one way or the other. I have also coached many clients and they have found these simple ways very beneficial. If you mindfully condition your mind to look at situations in a positive light, you will soon find yourself in happy situations, overcome failures and live life with an upbeat spirit. This process may take some time to work its way in your head but keep at it and the best way to do this is read some helpful books which can reaffirm this conditioning. I have listed down a few good books which you may read to start working on positive thinking.

1 The Secret- Rhonda Byrne

2 the power of positive thinking- Norman Vincent

3 The Magic of thinking big- David Schwartz

4 As a man thinketh- James Allen

5 You can if you think you can- Norman Vincent

These books are all very popular, easily accessible and very reader friendly. Even if you are not an avid reader, these books could prove to be quite informative to get you glued to them. Always remember, ‘there is something positive in every negative’. This itself will help you bring about a 360-degree shift in your approach. You are what you think and therefore think positive.

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