Loving yourself is super critical. After a lot of thought, I realized, If i cant love myself, then how  am i going to love someone else and keep them happy. If i cant be happy first, then how is happiness spreading. While on the flip side, this topic may seem selfish, narcissistic and arrogant but the point that i am trying to make is- how loving yourself correctly and adequately, can replenish your reserves and become a global phenomena.

Lets understand this concept first- if i don’t know how to treat myself or lets say if i think i am treating myself right, by doing wrong things, then what results am i getting- Mostly wrong, isnt it? what if i am treating myself wrong and i know this, then what result am i getting out of this- definitely the wrong ones again, isnt it? The point i am trying to make here is- If you dont care and love yourself first, no one else will. And this isn’t selfish – this is the need of the hour. If i dont love myself, treat myself appropriately, then how else would an outsider know how to love me or treat me respectfully. Now lets apply this philosophy to all walks of our life.
Career- If you allow yourself to be ill treated, bullied, over worked, what would happen- Bad Results!
Personal Life- if you dont love yourself and are way more giving to the other, filling his/her reserves of happiness while at the cost of yours- what would be the outcome- Unhappiness!
Wealth- if you dont plan for yourself then who else will?
Health- if you dont love the way you are, feel or look, then who will!
Spirituality- to start on this path, you must truly be in love with yourself because this is the greatest gift you can give to self. Spirituality means doing things out of box, new and impossible which requires a lot of love and commitment to self.
Its simple- if you dont love yourself or reinvent ways of doing that, you are going to deplete the reserves and finally what would be left is an empty hole, an unhappy You! This dosent mean you become selfish, but it definetly means that you give yourself first, to be able to give to others. God helps those, who help themselves, remember! Give yourself love, time, attention and care which we never do. Be nice to yourself , understand and accept your limitations and weaknesses, nurture your strengths, hone your skills and become an item that is loved by yourself first. If you succeed in doing this, you shall witness the great change in the way the universe manifests love to you from all the directions. If you have been ill-treating yourself, undermining your potential and efforts plus down grading your skills, then this is hatred. Take hold of the situation right now and reverse these damaging actions for good. Show respect and love for self that you would expect others to give you.
 Loving oneself may mean standing up for yourself, protecting yourself, listening to that inner voice, doing things that are right and not simply to appease others and beginning to live a life that you want too! This when done, can lead to some remarkable changes in your life my dear friend and there is nothing better in this world to give than LOVE and who better to give it to than yourself!
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