This subject is very close to my heart. For all the women readers and all the men readers who love that one woman the most in their life, this article is a must read.  I take this opportunity today to break the myth surrounding the concept of a Super Woman. What is a super woman? Who is a super woman and more importantly how to become the super woman? So lets take a look at these question one by one.

What is a super woman.

A person who performs the impossible is a super human. In normal terms this would mean lifting a mountain on a little finger, carrying a missile on your shoulder, saving the world from a catastrophe. But when this concept is skewed to woman, the meaning changes entirely. In the 21st century a woman is a super woman because she achieves impossible feats. She transitions from being a kid to a Samaritan who is taught to sacrifice for the good of the others. Then she become a mother who gives birth to a life and shoulders the responsibility of nurturing another human. Please do bear this in mind, when she does this she doesn’t let go of her identity and continues to keep it alive by working or being independent. A woman is a super human because she constantly mitigates the uncertainties of life and its real-life problems. She works as an employee, as a mom, as a wife, as a home maker, as a teacher, as socialist, as an activist and yet manages to stay stable and sane. While doing all this she gets burnt out and reaches a point of total break down occasionally. The demands that life puts on her, are exceedingly impossible to meet, yet she works through it, burns through it and what dosent kill her only makes her stronger. That’s why she is a super woman, that is why all the women readers and to all the men who are reading this must acknowledge this truth, that you are or the woman in your life is a Super-duper woman.

Who is a super woman

YOU are the super woman! And there is no reason to shy away from this. There is nothing wrong in feeling special about feeling like a super human. There is no reason to feel guilty or shaky about accepting this.  Every aspect of your life has been a challenge and these challenges in our present state make you a super power. Be it a woman from the rural states or the urban cities, you perform what no man can. Whilst doing what you do, the most important feat being maintaining a stable and strong sense of self- esteem. If you are someone who respects her efforts, gives credit for what she does and stands up for herself, then you are the super woman. It is important to know the value of your contribution, be it in terms of money or in kind, think about all that you do and how it impacts other lives positively. When you realize that the value of your contribution is beyond what money can buy, then you are a super woman. When you witness your creation taking a responsible form, you are a wonder woman. When you see and observe how beautifully you have managed life for others and have been able to sustain your identity, you are the wonder woman.

This now brings me to the last question I have posed in the opening para- How to be a super Woman

Being a wonder or a super woman is not about doing something more, or looking much better than what you do or achieving a new feat to make others feel good abut you which thereby boasts your self-esteem. Infact becoming a wonder woman needs no external effort, it is all internal. It is the internalization of feeling happy and important about your contribution. You must occasionally pat your back for all the good work done and take a break once in a while. STOP and relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Only when a well is full, can it quench some-ones thirst. So remember to fill up with life and energy. Do things regularly that make you happy, that fills the well in you so you can quench others thirst. Learn to put yourself ahead of others. Relax first to help others relax, be happy first to make others happy, be fulfilled first to make others feel content. Pursue a hobby, do something you feel passionately for or simply do nothing and give your self some empty space. I cant emphasize the importance of how feeling special within can make you look beautiful externally and appear special to others. Fall in love with yourself and loving others and everything else becomes so much easier. Try it!

Karmel Nair is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist and a published Author. Feel free to write to her at and she will be more than happy to answer them for you.






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