Karmel Nair

Love and Sex

This subject ring’s a chord with everyone. It instantly brings our attention to the universal phenomena of love and then a strong desire to express love which is through physical contact, intimacy better known as sex. But why have both these aspects become a taboo today. They are so because it is a rare combination …

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Aimlessness or Apranahita literally means ‘to place nothing in front’ and is used to designate someone who has no aims for the future. This is the definition of Apranahita from Wikipedia. This word originates from Theravada Buddhism and has profound value in the whole concept of Enlightenment and spiritual realisation. It is the first step …

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Mindful Living

Through my long drawn experience I have come to understand how the concept of living in the moment, better known as Mindfulness can liberate you from all of your Dukkha (Suffering). Our whole existence as humans is based on this concept of awareness. When you are fully living in the present moment, you are free …

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Overcoming Fear

  Fear is the single most emotion which has the potential to completely destroy us. This emotion has the power to over ride our abilities, cause a mental catastrophe which can actually bring these negative thoughts to life. This emotion can inhibit our progress and become the single most-greatest obstacle in our way to success. …

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